a treasure

Yes ... dream can be true. You can have a beauty on your desk ...

who measures

... helping you deal with the tons of emails you received everyday ...

at your leisure?

... when you want ... the way you want ...

it's a pleasure!

And the dream is just one click ahead!

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Welcome to Pleaserama!

Pleaserama is now available.
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What is Pleaserama ?

Pleaserama is a computer app for
Mac OSX and Windows that warns you when your receive emails.
A pinup from the 50’s walks thru your desk- top, doing the show and showing you the num- ber of new emails,.
You can choose your pinup among 3 themes.
The first one is offered with the application. You will need to purchase the 2 others. You can watch several email accounts, each one with a different pinup.

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